Sunday, September 20

2 Comma Club Coaching

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Welcome to Funnel Brick Road’s behind the scenes look at Russell Brunson (Co-founder of ClickFunnels) latest product to take you from $0 to 7 figures online asap – 2 Comma Club Coaching.

This is the closest thing to being in Russell’s inner circle – aka guaranteed results.

If you’ve been struggling to make money online and want to sure fire, fast track path to 7 figures online – you need the 2 Comma Club Coaching Package.

Click here to watch the video where Russell explains more about the 2 Comma Club Coaching Package. 

So what’s the deal – what do you get? Well there is 2 options, you can either get the home study package or the intensive in person coaching package.

Let’s jump into the details about what is in each….

2 Comma Club Home Study Version 

So let’s break this down. You get the 8 Core Secrets Masterclass Module. This is going to show you how to become an expert in your field of passion. But more importantly how to profit MASSIVELY from this passion.

Spy For Profit – legally hack competitors to get a stupidly unfair advantage.

6 Months of Weekly Coaching Calls – this is invaluable.

Private discussion group – win with likeminded entrepreneurs.

Go behind the scene of the real 2 Comma Club. Winners who have been there before and done it. This is where you’re going, get behind the curtain and see what’s all about.

Click here to get the 2 Comma Club Coaching Home Study Version

Want to take it to the next level? Want to learn from Russell Brunson in person? Then this is for you….The 2 Comma Club Coaching Intensive In-Person Workshop

This is for the person who needs to be taken by the hand in person to make money online. Yes – it is a massive investment – but you could invest less than $20k to earn $1 million – how many times over would you make that investment?

That’s what’s on offer here – $20k in, $1 million out.


So that’s it. This is the best high end coaching program to make money online from your passion. Period. Yes it is a big investment, but it’s the safest investment you’ll ever make in your own learning.

See you on the inside


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