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Convertri Review – Is Andy Fletcher’s Funnel Builder Your Best Choice?

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It’s all ’bout those conversions…

Over the past year or so it seems like new webpage and funnel building softwares are coming on a weekly basis. Seriously, it’s to the point of ridiculousness, as most of these products are really just some repackaged code. However, there is a new product called “Convertri” launching this week – and this thing is SICK!

The really amazing this about Convertri is that during the launch period (this week) you can get LIFETIME access for a single payment of $297 – which includes hosting and 100% APT (Accelerated Page Technology) built pages, which is no doubt the wave of the future, more on this below…

This is a review – Click Here for the Official Convertri Website (Charter Licence Available This Week Only!)

I’m going to try to keep this review as short and to the point as possible, and do my best to provide you with all of the relevant info you need to decide if this is going to be the best funnel builder to fit your specific needs.

I’ll start of by quickly explaining why I am the perfect person to review this kind of software, then I’ll quickly go over the key features and benefits of this software and give you my thoughts on how this products stacks up against other industry leaders like ClickFunnels and Leadpages. Then I’ll wrap up by giving you my personal recommendation.

Why Am I Uniquely Qualified To Review & Recommend Convertri?

I started building sales funnels back in 2010 – using Dreamweaver, which if you never heard of it is an HTML editor from Adobe that was popular for building websites back in the day. And let me tell you, it was a huge pain in the ass.

Back then there weren’t any tools like Clickfunnels or Convertri, so if you wanted a sales funnel that featured attractive professional looking webpages that actually performed and converted, your choices were either hiring professional coders and designers (who may or may not deliver quality work), or figuring it out yourself. Since I was just starting out I didn’t have the money to hire anyone I just tried to do everything myself to varying degrees of success.

Since then I’ve tried numerous other webpage/funnel building softwares, and have become very opinionated on the subject. As a non-“techy” type of person I definitely like programs that are easy to use while still delivering all of the bells and whistles that we all want in order to remain competitive and up to date. So, if you are somebody looking for easy to use software that delivers – then there’s a good chance that our opinions on these things would be in alignment.

Basic Info On Convertri & How It Stacks Up Aginst The Competition…

Simply put Convertri is a funnel building software program that you can use to quickly build and publish webpages. If you’ve read this far I have to assume that you area pretty sophisticated Internet marketer, so I won’t take the time to explain common terms like sales funnel, landing page and so forth.

But basically, what this system allows you to do is to design your pages (like opt-in pages, thank you pages, upsell pages and basically any other type of page that you could possibly want or need), very quickly and efficiently.

The program comes with dozens of templates, which are really good looking. So, if you are in rush you definitely don’t need to spend a ton of time fiddling with them, and can use them right out of the box.

That said, the customization that is possible with Convertri straight up MURDERS every other page builder out there. I won’t get to technical here, but basically the reason is that unlike just about every other drag-and-drop page builder, Convertri allows you to place page elements like text, pictures, forms etc.) anywhere that you want on teh page, rather than limiting you to rows and columns the way other builders do.

The other big benefit that differentiates Convertri is the fact that it builds Accelerated Page Technology so that your pages will load extremely fast. This is something that a lot of newbie and intermediate marketers overlook. All the 7 and 8-figure a year guys on the other hand are obsessed with speed, because they know that slow pages KILL conversions.

A lot of people assume that if they have good hosting or have a page built with Leadpages, or whatever, that it will load fast, but that is just not true. And as Andrew Fletcher (Convertri’s creator) points out on his website – every extra second that it takes your page to load can reduce conversions by 7% – because people just are not willing to wait for slow pages anymore. Sure, there are tweaks you can do to get your pages to load faster, but if you are like me you probably don’t want to try to figure that stuff out because it is highly technical and easily broken. So IMHO its a much better idea to go with a program that is going to guarantee extremely fast load times. You can read all the details on this Andy’s website here.

In addition, all the pages you make with Convertri are automatically optimized for mobile (which is obviously critical these days). there are built in countdown timers, 2-step opt-ins, pop-ups and all those kinds of special features that you can add to your pages directly through Convertri, so you don’t need to worry about needing any additional plugins or anything like that. And Convertri integrates seamlessly with Aweber, Getresponse, GoToWebinar, Stripe and all of the other big name marketing services that you are probably already using or are going to be using to run your business.

I could go on, but the bottom line is that this is a sick, state-of the art funnel builder that will build you the fastest pages and also allow for the highest degree of customization.

All this being said, you may be wondering how Convertri compares to Leadpages, or Clickfunnels or any other funnel builder that you may be using or considering using…

I don’t want to turn this into a Convertri VS Clickfunnels post, because we could be here all day – or even all week comparing features. I love Clickfunnels and have recommended it from day one (I’m a paid affiliate for both companies btw!) But that being said, they are both good and different people are going to prefer one over the other no matter what. Personal preference is still going to come into play and Clickfunnels isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

This being the case, Clickfunnels starts at like $97/month for its entry level service, whereas Convertri is $297 one time for LIFE during this launch, so even if you already have Clickfunnels, it’s still definitely worth getting a “Charter Licence” for Convertri now, before they switch to the subscription pricing model which they will after thsi week. they may completely close there doors to new customers temporarily as well after this week.

My Recommendation:

If you are a serious marketer/business person I think you should be able to see the edge that this product has over its competition.

We all need webpages and funnels, and Convertri is an easy way to build the funnels and pages you need, with all the features you are looking for, and deliver your pages at lightening speed.

And when you take this whole one-time fee for lifetime access into account, this is a complete no-brainer. I couldn’t recommend getting in on a Charter License for Convertri more highly…

Click Here to Get Your Charter License And Instant Access to Convertri Now! (Charter License Available This Week Only…)



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