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Free Book: 108 Proven Split Test Winners by Russell Brunson (Reviewed)

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Book Name: DotComSecrets Labs – 108 Proven Split Test Winners
Cost: Free + $9.95 shipping (worldwide)
Author: Russell Brunson (founder of ClickFunnels)

My Verdict: It’s a fantastic learning resource for those who need the golden knowledge on creating highly profitable landing pages for their businesses.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to build your business or you really do SUCK at producing squeeze pages that convert, then I highly do recommend this book as the blueprint you need for becoming an internet marketing ROCKSTAR!


What is DCS Labs – ‘108 Proven Split Test Winners’?

Russell Brunson (also the author of DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets) has produced a split test winners book with tons of fantastic information and imagery for showing you amazing landing page layouts that can convert your traffic into email leads and sales extremely well.

The special “tweaks” inside the book are what Russell, himself, has discovered from running numerous squeeze page split tests using his ClickFunnels page building software.

Mr. Brunson shows you exactly what pages and ads he tested, what worked and what didn’t, and also the various conversion rates he had from his trials.

In a nutshell: His book gives you all the effective strategies you need for building a super successful business using the power of landing pages and sales funnels. All the guess work is removed and it’s also a huge time saver, in my opinion.

Grab Your Free Copy of ‘108 Proven Split Test Winners’, Here!


Who is DCS Labs For?

The book is basically geared towards anybody wanting to build any type of business from using the interweb.

Whether you’re building an affiliate marketing empire, a Network Marketer or even a ‘brick and mortar’ biz owner, you can use Russell’s book for creating high-converting pages.

What I especially love about the book is the fact that bloggers can also implement some of the techniques into their websites for increasing conversion rates and profits too!


What Will You Learn From The Book?

There are heaps of special tricks and strategies for exploding your business using landing pages.

You will learn exactly how to word your pages, implement a special bridge page technique, drop your prices to a special price-point, use the right headlines, keep your page design simple, where to place testimonials, and much more.

In addition, Russell also gives you his secret sales scripts for helping you to become a 7-figure earner. They are the exact same scripts that he’s used for successfully scaling out his ClickFunnels company. Which I think now has over 40,000 customers who are using its software.

And finally, he gives away his secret “Toilet Letter” for tweaking it just the way you want for whatever products or services you’re selling and seeing the sales roll in.


What’s The Cost of DCSL?

The book is given away as a freebie. Russell only requests that you pay a small $9.95 fee to cover the shipping and handling cost.

I want to be honest with you. When you submit your info for the free book, you will be offered additional upsells within a sales funnel. These are other fantastic products created by Russell, himself.

However, you’re not obliged to invest in any of the products. So if DCS Labs is the only product you want, Brunson won’t hold it against you lol.


PROS vs CONS of Russell’s Book


  • It won’t cost you a single penny
  • The shipping is incredibly cheap
  • It’s shipped worldwide for the same price
  • All the strategies you need for building highly profitable lead capture pages
  • 7-figure scripts & toilet letter included
  • It’s also perfect for bloggers


  • It’s not ideal for digital marketing newbies who don’t already have some knowledge on building squeeze pages, sales funnels, & email marketing


My Final Thoughts on DCS Labs…

Like Russell’s other free products (The Perfect Webinar, Marketing in Your Car, Funnel University, and Funnel Grafitti), ‘108 Proven Split Test Winners’ is a godsend because Brunson certainly over-delivers when it comes to providing you with value.

Since the guy has already run numerous split testing trials to find the best landing page layouts that produce big profits for you, then getting your hands on a copy of his freebie book is a real no-brainer.

If you’re tired of throwing money down the drain with crappy landing pages that just aren’t converting your visitors into sales or you simply want to start off on the right foot for more customers online, Russell’s book is exactly what you need for a successful business.

And as I’ve already pointed out, the DCS Labs book is also a fantastic resource for helping bloggers to word their content and create more effective “Call To Actions” within product review posts.

Wishing You Success…

If you have any questions or thoughts on Russell’s DCS Labs book that you’d love to share with us, please post your comments below…


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