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Funnel University

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Funnel University Review

Funnel University is an online training university that focuses on increasing the amount of traffic, conversions and sales online using the funnel processes.

The Company

Funnel University was founded by Russell Brunson. Brunson has been building businesses online for over a decade. He is known as one of USA Today’s Best-Selling authors. Russel is also the owner of a software company, supplement company and also runs a highly successful coaching business. Russel Brunson is the founder of a website called which he created to help business entrepreneurs around the world to not only start a successful business but also promote and expand the growth of the company online. Brunson is also the author of another book titled DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online.

The Funnel University is designed to help small business owners and especially entrepreneurs understand the funnel systems and teaches them how to use the tools to increase revenue, website traffic and prospecting. With your membership you are given so much information to use that can build you business into one that is successful while making a name and promoting yourself. The membership is ongoing with a monthly fee of $197.

The Product

The products include online training videos designed to enhance the viewers knowledge of prospecting, engagement and conversions. There are also handouts that accompany the videos, weekly webinars, books, a software suit and monthly newsletter.

Funnel University is currently offering a complete membership package at a discounted price. The membership cost is typically $197 a month, but the current offer for their charter membership is only $67 per month.

Aside the items previously listed Russel is offering a couple of free gifts, which will be listed below. The gifts are free, members simply have to cover the shipping and handling costs. The two free gifts are:


  1. The Funnel Stacking book, which is valued at $297. The book teaches you about the 3 core funnels and how they work together. Some of the other things you can learn from the book are: How to use the “free plus shipping” tipwire funnel to draw in ideal prospects, The book covers what the 3 core funnels are, why they work and how to build them, How to liquidate ad costs and turn your webinar sales into pure profit and How to set up high ticket funnels that are pure profit by liquidating all lead acquisition costs..p

2. The Funnel University Black Card with plug and play capabilities that allows you to watch Russel’s training videos anytime from a PC, Laptop or an iPad.

The videos also provide you with all kinds of information such as:

  • How to harness the power of digital media in order to scale a company faster and cheaper.
  • It covers the “value ladder” concept.
  • How to legally and ethically steal over $1 million worth of funnel hacks from your competitors for under $10.
  • How to clone your competitors proven funnel in less than 10 minutes time.
  • The exit pop that can be used to bring in more people to your funnel and maximize your company’s sales.
  • Proven to work sales page templates.
  • How to get 3-5 times more the amount of customers.

As a member of the university you will receive:

Member Benefit # 1 – The Funnel University Print Newsletter containing details of each funnel hack along with video’s that consist of a walk through of Russel’s two favorite hacks. He will also share each funnel hack directly into your Clickfunds account.

Membership Benefit # 2 – The DotCom Secrets Labs Underground Software Suite. This software allows you to create surveys that you can plug into any Clickfunnels page. The Webinar Chat box and The ‘Push Play’ Image Uploader, this feature allows you to turn every image into a “play button” and upload them to amazon in order to see them in emails you send and to share them on blog posts.

Membership Benefit # 3 – Funnel University Digital Access Pass. This credit card sized USB device is said to make you money.


Funnel University’s online video training and resources are said to help entrepreneurs and small business owners triple their sales conversion rates. The products are made to help entrepreneurs understand what the best marketing funnels are and how to utilize the funnels in order to increase overall sales and revenue.

When you become a member of Russel Brunson’s Funnel University you will be introduced to some of the following core components of funnel marketing that are included in the online training series:

  • Click Funnels – A software platform that has the ability to create every type of landing page possible for a multitude of different types of templates that utilize the customer acquisition funnels.
  • Funnel Stacking – This is the art of deploying customers investment funnels and stacking them in order to raise your average order value over time.
  • Funnel Hacking – This is when there is a large number of testing being done on different funnels that are being run. It then reads the pulses to find out what the current top achieving funnels are.

The opportunity provided through the Funnel University can bring tremendous amounts of information to help you better your businesses income and revenue. You are given knowledge and the skills needed to increase the amount of traffic received, better conversions and increase your online sales. Russel claims that he can show you how to bring your your numbers from 0 figures up to 7 figures.

The course is jam packed full of useful information to make you better at what you do. Learn how to start your business, promote it and expand it by incorporating what you learn. The software allows you to do so many different things that would not be possible without it. Funnel University’s educational material will teach you little tips and tricks to bringing your numbers up in every aspect of the business world.

The Verdict

With promises that the Funnel University will ultimately bring up you sales, conversions and online traffic there is not much to back the company itself. There is a 14 day free trial offer available and an offer of free gifts but it sounds more like a sales pitch than a promise. If you look into the prices of the products it appears to be more like a get rich quick scheme. The book alone is almost $300 not to mention the close to $200 a month you have to pay in order to remain a member.

The literature and videos do contain useful information to those just starting out in the business and entrepreneur world, and may even seem like they are well worth the investment. Unfortunately much of the information that Russel Brunson has to offer can be found on the internet through a little searching without any investments involved at all.

There is a lack of information within the walls of the internet, such as, when Funnel University was founded, their global revenue and how many existing members are currently engaged in the program. Much of the information that can be found is presented by Russel Brunson himself or his associates. He may be a well known author with 2 or 3 books out on the market that are worth purchasing but overall it can be said that it seems to be another get rich quick scheme.

The word guarantee is thrown around an awful lot telling future members that the university’s information can guarantee you will increase your sales and revenue. It is also said that the funnel methods he discusses are guaranteed to work and never fail. There are many people leery of signing up for a membership for fear that there will be many hidden costs and fees that are not discussed on the website. When trying to look on the websites to find out who the company’s affiliates were the only option available was to sign up to become one. There is nothing found on Glass door’s website or the Creating many skeptics.


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