Sunday, September 20

Write Down A Checklist For That Task

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Now that you have the one task that you would love to delegate, write a checklist of things that need to be done in order to complete that task.

Again, don’t worry about whether anything is too small of a step.

Make sure to write down everything that comes to mind or even do the task yourself and jot down each step that you do.

For example, to write the blog posts you might do the following:

  • Look for blog topic ideas
  • Choose a target keyword
  • Create a compelling headline
  • Research the topics
  • Create the outline of the blog post
  • Write the blog post
  • Review and edit the blog post
  • Publish the blog post
  • Share it on social media
  • Send it to email contacts
  • Reach out to any influencers mentioned in the post
  • Respond to blog comments

Use clear checklists before hiring a virtual assistant. It saves time and money.CLICK TO TWEET

Having a clear checklist before hiring a virtual assistant will save you a lot of time and money after when you have to edit mistakes through no fault of the virtual assistant.

Being clear about what you need to be done from the get-go is vital to not only attract rockstar virtual assistants but to make sure they work effectively after hiring.


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