Sunday, September 20

Avoid These Common Mistakes

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As well as doing the right things when hiring your next virtual assistant, there are also some mistakes you need to avoid which are commonly happening.

Don’t Focus Too Much On The Price Tag

It can be all too tempting to choose the virtual assistant that is charging $1 an hour, but while it may sound cheap now, it could cost you dearly in the long run when you’re left with a poorly designed website or spammy looking blog posts.

The same goes for high costing virtual assistants. Just because they are charging a lot more than others, does not mean that they are the best.

Don’t focus too heavily on the price tag but rather their communication skills and how they perform in a trial.

Don’t Expect Them To Do Everything

One of the biggest mistakes I so often see when entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants is that they view them as a one stop shop.

They specialize in one particular area and were originally attracting to your job offer because they could meet the requirements you originally asked for.

Asking them after you have hired them to do other things will only make them feel like they have been duped which may lead to a lack of performance.


Doing all the things I have mentioned in this blog post will save you time and money when it comes to hiring your next virtual assistant.

What experiences have you had in the past with virtual assistants?

Feel free to share them by leaving your comments below.


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