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ClickFunnels Guys Certification Cost

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The money is in this list. PERIOD. Email marketing is the heart of every serious online marketer’s business you know and are familiar with. It’s the fastest and simplest way to create sustainable wealth online for the average Joe.

So, what exactly do you NEED to build an email list? What are the online marketing essentials?

#1 – an AUTORESPONDER – which is the way you will store your email contacts and communicate to them. For this I recommend GetResponse. Why? Because it’s affordable, easy to use, and integrates with pretty much all internet marketing tools and plugins.

#2 – a SQUEEZE PAGE tool – this is the means by which you will capture visitor email addresses and store them in your autoresponder. For this I HIGHLY recommend Clickfunnels. WHY? Keep reading…

#3 – TRAFFIC – no business survives without customers and your online business or email list is no different. You need customers or subscribers and the fastest way to get them is to buy your traffic. There are several different paid traffic solutions, but the easiest way for beginner marketers is to purchase solo ads. Here are a few quality solo ad recommendations.

Why is ClickfunnelsGuys so great and why should you consider it?

  • The reason I like Clickfunnels is it was designed by awesome internet marketers for internet marketers (very important)
  • They have fast and excellent support (tutorials and help docs for nearly any question you could come up with)
  • Integrates with dang near anything (autoresponders, payment processors, etc.)
  • Cloud-based – no paying for hosting
  • Drag and drop easy-to-use interface
  • Allows you to design entire marketing funnels
  • Also comes with a built-in membership functionality
  • And they also have a very generous referral program

About the only negative thing I have towards Clickfunnels, that probably won’t matter much to 99% of marketers, is that they don’t offer unlimited pages and unlimited traffic to be sent to your funnels. Again, this is pretty much my only issue. A solution like LeadPages does allow you to send unlimited traffic and create as many pages as you want to. But then again LeadPages doesn’t allow much customization, you can’t create sales funnels very smoothly, and it doesn’t allow you to create membership sites.

What is Clickfunnels great for?

  • Building fast, and highly customizable landing pages and sales funnels
  • Creating easy membership sites for your information products and continuity programs


ABSOLUTELY. I own OptimizePress and LeadPages, and personally feel that over time Clickfunnels will continue to improve and eventually make them both obsolete.


ESSENTIAL: It’s SOOOO important to be tracking and measuring what you’re doing online. This is so you won’t be shooting in the dark with a blindfold on or “flying in the dark”. This is mostly to protect you and help you avoid spending or wasting more money than you need to on testing traffic sources. This is something that I personally avoided for a long time because I was cheap and wanted to “save money” when in reality it ended up costing me thousands of dollars more and significantly delaying my success online. The BEST click tracking solution I have found is a tool called ClickMagick.




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