Sunday, September 20

Setting Up the First Building Blocks of Your Idea

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Even though a big idea can take almost any shape, there’re a few tried-and-true components to building one.

A little later in this article, we’ll go beyond the core elements to go one step further.

But for now, these 3 principles will guarantee that your big idea goes from being a spark in your mind to a successful sales funnel.

Best of all, they’re simple and really easy to remember when you’re crafting your own funnel.

  1. One Emotion

One focus that Todd Brown is absolutely right about is using emotional triggers in building a big idea.

Centering your funnel around an emotion is a powerful way to engage your audience beyond simple catchphrases or platitudes.

In fact, it increases intent to buy by more than double.

Your big idea, like many successful brands, should evoke one emotion.

It can be fear, jealousy, love, passion… anything, as long as you choose only one for your sales funnel.

This way, our sales funnel isn’t merely informative; it’s persuasive too.

By inspiring emotion in your audience, your brand will become the way to satisfy and fill that emotion.

  1. One Message

We see so many brands commit this huge mistake. They simply have a convoluted sales funnel filled with several messages.

Sometimes the messages even contradict themselves!

This sort of sales funnel leads to confusion and frustration with many customers.

Let’s go back to our storytellers for a second.

While they’re able to fuse many elements together into a plot, they excel at conveying a single central message as their big idea.

Books like Orwell’s 1984 have become synonymous with dystopian fear, while TV shows like Star Trek define the human need for exploration.

  1. One Action

Finally, when building your big idea, make the end-goal be one definable action.

Not only will you be able to measure better the success of your sales funnels this way, but you’ll also be maximizing your chances.

With one action, especially if that action satisfies your one emotion, your funnel will become a one-way ticket to your brand.

This way, your audience is more clearly able to associate all 3 of these with you, consolidating emotion, message, and action into one single experience.

Protip: Here’s a cool secret that isn’t well-known: many storytellers share lists of emotions, messages, and actions. This makes it easier for them not to reinvent the wheel for every story. Check out these two lists for tons of emotions you can use and even some character conflicts that inspire action.


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